The new American Idol judges 2013 and Ryan Seacrest take the American Idol Season 12 bus to Baton Rouge tonight to see what talent they can find in the great state of Louisiana. We have seen some great auditions and some hilarious auditions and of course the fight between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, but let’s focus on the singers tonight okay FOX? We shall see how that goes tonight during my American Idol 2013 Live Recap and we can find out who made American Idol Season 12.

Last night on American Idol 2013, we saw the infamous fight between Mariah and Nicki, which was a bunch of crap in my mind. Could FOX and Idol have hyped that up any more? The leaked video showed a lot more than FOX actually showed last night. And how bad do you feel for Summer Cunningham, who just happened to be auditioning for American Idol 2013 and all of a sudden the judges went crazy and didn’t have any courtesy to do it without her in the room. Anyone else over all the stupid drama this season between the judges on American Idol 2013?

Tonight the auditions will be held in Baton Rouge, so let’s see what the South has to offer us this season. Find out how it all goes down tonight during my American Idol 2013 Live Recap and see who made American Idol Season 12 with me!


Don’t want to know what happened on the American Idol Baton Rouge Auditions 2013? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go and it looks like some trailer trash in Baton Rouge? Apparently not, as the first contestant is Megan Miller, who is the reigning Miss Baton Rouge and she was in a car accident three days ago and should be in the hospital, but here she is and she does an amazing job, so it was worth it. She gets her Golden Ticket.

Charlie Askew is awkward and he has a hard time talking to people and music is an outlet for him to express himself. So, will he be good? His voice sounds like it is meant for a musical, but for American Idol? I don’t know, but the judges loved it and they send him to Hollywood.

Maddie Assel was nominated by her grandmother to audition for American Idol 2013 and Randy Jackson surprised her with the ticket, so here she is now. This girl definitely doesn’t need a microphone, as she is very loud. The judges loved her though and like her style, so they send her to Hollywood and grandma is very happy.

Paul Jolley feels he has a gift to share with the world, but is that gift singing? I guess it is, as he sings a country song and nails it. The judges loved him and he is off to Hollywood!

The judges are feeling tired, but Chris Barthel comes in and wakes them up. He is way over-the-top and Nicki nicknames him Mushroom. Does anyone else notice how funny Keith is? I enjoy him and he is working his way up as my favorite judge. The judges send him home.

We have a singing doctor, as Dr. Calvin Harris is in medical school and wanting to pursue his music dreams and he should because he is amazing. He nails a Maxwell song and gets his Golden Ticket.

The good news continued for three lucky ladies, as they all get Golden Tickets rather quickly!

Is anyone else feeling like there wasn’t much talent in Baton Rouge for American Idol 2013? They are showing a lot of bad auditions tonight and we are only on for an hour tonight!

With a hot spell in the city, the judges need a firefighter to cool everyone down and Dustin Watts comes in. He heats it up and does a great job and gets a ticket to Hollywood!

The last audition of the night in Baton Rouge goes to Burnell Taylor and he is from New Orleans and we are still talking about Hurricane Katrina? The happenings inspired him to sing and he does it very well. Keith loves it, but I can see him doing musicals. He is very theatrical with his singing. Mariah loved it and he made him cry, so of course he is going to Hollywood!

What was your favorite audition of the night?

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