The American Idol 2013 season kicked off last night and the American Idol auditions 2013 got started with a bang and with new judges. The ratings may have been down, which I am quite certain has the executives at FOX squirming in their seats, but the two-night premiere continues tonight for American Idol 2013. FOX claims the tension between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey builds more and more tonight, but we shall see. Find out how the American Idol auditions 2013 go in Chicago during my American Idol 2013 Live Recap and find out who made American Idol Season 12!

Things did get heated last night on the American Idol 2013 premiere, but the new American Idol judges 2013 seemed to keep it under control for now. How long will that last? Tonight the judges head to Chicago and it looks like the contestants are the ones who need to keep it together. Swearing and yelling at cameramen to get out of their faces! It should be an interesting night, that is for sure. We also will get to see one of the amazing talents that Idol has been promoting all winter long. Lazaro Arbos has a stuttering problem, but apparently sings like an angel. I need to see more of him to understand it, but I will get that chance tonight. Come back and watch with me during my American Idol 2013 Live Recap.


Don’t want to know what happened on the American Idol Season 12 Premiere then don’t read ahead!


The auditions kick off and the first one up in Chicago is MacKenzie Wasner, whose Dad is a piano player and songwriter for Vince Gill, so music is running through her family. The country roots paid off because she is very good. Og course, it is four yes votes for MacKenzie!

I think we have another success story, as Kiara Lanier has sung at President Barack Obama’s birthday fundraiser party, which is awesome. She did an alright job, but I was not wowed by her, but the judges were and she is moving on!

Stephanie Schimel keep the ball rolling for Chicago and it looks like Chicago might have some real talent this year? Keith Urban said it was like a Gwen Stefani-Carrie Underwood quality to it, but Nicki was not wowed by her and she does not feel like a star. They send her to Hollywood anywhere and then the fighting starts between Mariah and Nicki and I am over it…anyone else?

Our first hot mess of the night, as Melissa Bush comes out with some funky, bright, sequined costume and then sings a horrendous version of “Downtown.” Awkward silence and she is sent back to Michigan!

Something new the producers are trying for American Idol Season 12 is sending out a small city bus tour to find people, which they found Gabe Brown in Iowa City. He is loud and boisterous and Mariah doesn’t seem a fan and asks him to settle down and he tries again and starts slow, but then screams some more. The judges loved the rock vibe and he is going to Hollywood!

Is it 4:20 somewhere? Kevin Nabity comes out and doesn’t seem to know where he is at and then sings some song that sounded like an auction caller. Hot mess has arrived again and he goes back to Iowa! The no votes continued and some upset people, but the judges are getting used to handing the no votes.

Another country singer and fan of Keith Urban comes out and Isabelle Parell gets a chance to sing a little with Keith and she sings a Christmas song, but she has a very good tone to her voice and I like it. Randy was not a fan, but that doesn’t stop her from going to Hollywood.

Keith had to leave for a concert in Vegas, so it is down to the three of them to hold down the fort. Then Nicki gets in the mood with all the hot guys coming in to audition. Griffin Peterson comes in and Nicki is drooling and she loved it, but Randy is not getting it. The girls win though and Griffin is going to Hollywood!

Curtis Finch, Jr. sang about God and it felt like an angel’s voice and he had that choir thing going for him. Do we have another Joshua Ledet on our hands for American Idol 2013? Three quick yes votes for him and his friend gets to come in and meet Mariah!

Mariah Pulice has battled anorexia and continues to struggle and she wowed the judges with her voice. Mariah was even brought to tears, so of course she is going to Hollywood!

We are now ready for Day Two in Chicago. We start with Brandy Neely, who was adopted by her aunt and has a bad past , so she is perfect for American Idol 2013 right? Well, she has a voice with the story and of course is moving on to Hollywood.

Another good start for Chicago on Day Two as Josh Holiday takes on a Brian McKnight song and nails it and Mariah loved it, so a Golden Ticket for him as well. Courtney Williams and Andrew Jones get tickets and Chicago is hot!

How can someone never have the nerve to sing in front of their parents but can audition for American Idol 2013? Clifton Duffin is that person, but he has an amazing voice and the judges loved his story and send him to Hollywood!

Can American Idol 2013 remind us any more that Mariah Carey is a judge? One of her biggest fans is Ieisha Cotton who is a dancer but wants to sing too, but she needs to stay with dancing. She is no good and the judges vote no.

Johnny Keyser returns after an unsuccessful run on Season 11. He did some work over the past year and Mariah thinks he has star quality and Nicki thinks he has a twinkle in his eye and they all vote yes, so Hollywood for Johnny.

Kez Ban is a street performer and fire performer and doesn’t think she can win, but she wants to go to Hollywood. I guess a free trip is nice, huh? She has that weird, indie feel to her and shockingly, I enjoy her. How about you all? The judges are impressed and like her voice, so four yes votes!

The bad auditions start out and continue as Ashley Curry comes out and she is a musical theater major in school, but he voice is horrendous. The judges are not impressed, but Ashley thinks something is wrong with the judges. Do you agree?

Here it is folks…the one audition I have been wanting to see. Lazaro Arbos is about to take the stage and impress us and make us cry. He is a good-looking guy, but dealing with his stuttering and I want to slap him to get the words out. The crying has started as he says he has no friends and music is his life. He has an amazing voice and Keith tells him to sing all the time. The judges send him to Hollywood and he breaks down and so do I!

46 made it from Chicago, but which one was your favorite?

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