When it comes to finally seeing the top whatever take the stage on American Idol, there is always one ow two singers that have kind of creeped along and haven’t really been put in the spotlight and I feel that is Kree Harrison on American Idol 2013 and I think this dark horse could be the winner of American Idol Season 12! The American Idol judges 2013 saw something special in her and now it is time for America to as well. Check out Kree Harrison’s road to the Top 10 on American Idol Season 12 below!

AMERICAN IDOL: Kree Harrison. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

First, let’s get to know a little bit more about Kree after she made the Top 40 on American Idol Season 12:

For the group performances in Hollywood Week, Kree faced a very tough group with lots of drama, but none of it focused around her so American Idol 2013 didn’t focus on her:

It was finally time for Kree to get a little time in the spotlight, as she sang “Stars” for her last Solo Round in Hollywood Week and we saw her beautiful voice shine bright as a star.

Next up were the Sudden Death Round and even though Kree was still not being talked about as much as the other singers, she let her voice do all the talking and it said a whole bunch in her version of “Up The Mountain.”

For her Top 10 Girls Performance, Kree showed off her country roots again and sang “Stronger” by Faith Hill. Country singers always do well on American Idol, so can we expect the same for Kree?

Kree just learned she made the Top 10 on American Idol 2013 and for her victory song she sang “Evidence” and this was proof that the girl can sing and she let loose a little, which was great to see.

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