The hype is over and we have finally seen the new American Idol 2013 judges in action, so it is time to get your thoughts on who your favorite American Idol 12 judge is…so far? I know we have only seen them in American Idol auditions 2013, but we can still see their personalities and maybe get an early favorite. So, who is on top of your favorite list? Is it Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj or Randy Jackson? Let’s see how they stack up, in my opinion, just two days into American Idol 2013!

Randy Jackson: This is the guy who just can;t so no to American Idol. He has been here since Season 1 and probably will never leave the show, even though he came close this past season. It is nice to see a familiar face among all the new faces on the judges’ panel, but I am not a huge fan of The Dawg and he can get annoying at times.

Mariah Carey: She has lived up to her reputation and she seems like a big diva, even if we have only seen the audition rounds. Mariah has been enjoyable at times, like when her and Nicki campaigned to get Griffin Peterson to move on to Hollywood Week. I would like to see more of that side of Mariah and not the diva, center-of-attention side of her.

Keith Urban: First of all, he is very easy on the eyes so he gets points for that. Secondly, he is probably the most normal of any of the other judges on that panel for American Idol 12. He has a sense of humor and makes some jokes with the singers, even though they might go over their heads at times. He is nice, but he has been bold when he needs to be. I think it is great to have the country addition to the panel as well, so I am liking him so far!

Nicki Minaj: She is loud, she is boisterous, she wears crazy wigs and she wears bright colors. We all know that, but to be honest, she is a good judge. She gives good criticism and she flirts with the contestants and makes sassy remarks. As long as she doesn’t sleep with them like Paula Abdul did, more power to her! She is nothing like I envisioned she would be and if we moved past the damn fight with Mariah, I think we can all see her as a decent judge and someone that do good for the singers entering American Idol 2013.

Clearly, my favorite judge, so far, is Nicki Minaj. There is just something about her that I find entertaining and fun to watch. She makes me laugh and she is having fun with these contestants. You know their nerves are working overtime and she tries to make it fun for them and I like that. So, who would you vote as your favorite American Idol judge 2013?

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