When you are the last one shown for the night during the American Idol 2013 auditions, you know what you are about to see is going to make you cry and that is what happened with the Matheus Fernandes audition on American Idol Season 12. I’ll admit it: I am a big girl and cry way too much, especially when it comes to the sob stories on American Idol. Can you admit that?


Matheus Fernandes is a cute, little nugget who moved to L.A. to pursue his dreams of singing, even though he may not fit the mold of a superstar. A lot of people didn’t believe in him, but he was determined to do it. The way he sings is amazing and you can feel all those emotions in his lyrics. The way he breaks down after his American Idol 2013 audition is over made me ball!

Check out the Matheus Fernandes audition for American Idol 2013 here:

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