With the American Idol 2013 premiere kicking off last night, we finally got a chance to see some of the American Idol Season 12 auditions take place. All the hoopla and hype was about to be shown onscreen and I was happy to see the new crop of singers on American Idol 2013 and I was excited to see how the new American Idol 2013 judges worked together. One of the highlights of the night was the Gurpreet Singh Sarin audition for American Idol 2013. He was dubbed The Turbanator and you can see why in the video below!

When Gurpreet stepped into the room for his audition, believe me when I say that I thought this guy was a joke. He was wearing a purple turban that happened to match the outfit he was wearing. He just looked awkward and I never thought he would be able to sing. I thought it was another bad audition on American Idol. 

We start out getting a little background information on Gurpreet Singh Sarin first and apparently he has 40-50 turbans! One to match every outfit, so he thinks he can bring style and color to American Idol 2013. He started singing and watch out folks, this guy can sing. The judges were impressed, but torn on him. Mariah Carey liked the lavender turban and glad he wore her favorite color. It all came down to Nicki Minaj to see if Gurpreet would move on to Hollywood Week or not on American Idol 2013! He swayed her vote by talking about how they are alike and he has a turban that would match her hair color, but did it work? Check out Gurpreet Singh Sarin audition for American Idol Season 12 right here:

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