American Idol 2012 Symone Black is OK, and she continued after falling off of stage in Hollywood, clip of the tumble can be seen below. Viewers will learn what happened to Symone during tonights episode, confirms E! News.

The contestant had just finished her rendition of “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” when had a dizzy spell and fell off the stage. Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe immediately called for a medic and then Idol cut off the show.

Despite the nasty tumble Black took, which worried judge Steven Tyler, who noted that the teenager had hit her head, a rep for the show assures E! that she is fine.

“Symone is OK,” an Idol rep tells E! News. “She continued in Hollywood Week.”

It’s a relief that the girl with those wonderful vocals is aye ok, because everything is up in the air as far as what happened,exactly. With Lythgoe and host Ryan Seacrest rushing to Black’s side after she collapsed and lay motionless.

Viewers will get to learn exactly what happened to Black during tonight’s episode of Idol. “I know you’re all going crazy,” Lythgoe tweeted after the episode. “You’ll have to wait until tomorrow. That’s why I’m a mean producer.”

While some would call that a cliffhanger, having the episode end with Black’s collapse, Lythgoe defends the decision, saying, “It’s not a ‘cliffhanger.’ She didn’t hang, she fell.” Follow us on Facebook by clicking here.