American Idol 2012 spoilers, the top 42 have been revealed. American Idol 2012 premiered on American TV screens today, but the auditions are pre-taped, and the early stages of the show are already over. If you’d rather not wait it out, click the jump for some AI 2012 spoilers aka the top 42 performers.

You may see some familiar names as well, the bolded singers have previously been contenders on the show.

Top 42 (Sing For Your Life Round, otherwise known as the Green Mile)

Aaron Marcellus Sanders (previously seen in AI7 and 10)
Adam Brock
Aubrey Cleland (previously seen in AI10)
Baylie Brown (previously seen in AI6)
Brielle Von Hugel (previously seen in AI10)
Chelsea Sorrell (previously seen in AI10)
Cortez Shaw
Creighton Fraker
David Leathers
Dante/Heejun Han
DeAndre Brackensick (previously seen in AI10)
Deneco Pittman (A.K.A. Neco Starr) (previously seen in AI9)
Eben Franckewitz
Elise Testone
Erika Van Pelt
Haley Johnsen
Hollie Cavanagh (previously seen in AI10)
Jen Hirsh (previously seen in AI9)
Jermaine Jones
Jessica Sanchez
Joshua Ledet
Kayla Thorton
Michael Colton Dixon (previously seen in AI10)
Naomi Rae Gillies
Phil Brooks (A.K.A. River St. James) (previously seen in AI10)
Phillip Phillips
Reed Grimm
Sarah Phillips
Scott Dangerfield (previously seen in AI10 – dropped out)
Shannon Magrane
Shelby Lynn Tweten
Skylar Laine