American Idol 2012 spoiler, sources reveal how far Amy Brumfield makes it. Actually, the source is Amy herself. Amy Brumfield impressed America and the judges in her audition on American Idol.

News came out yesterday about her criminal past and now even more spoilers are coming out about Amy. On Thursday, information came out that she leaked how far she makes it on the hit show.

Starz Uncut was able to get some information off of Amy Brumfield’s personal Facebook page. Back in December, she admitted to going home before ‘American Idol‘ makes it to the live shows. This is what she told a friend about leaving the show.

Facebook post: “you guys should know i don’t work well with others…. group day i got eliminated.”

Going by their filming schedule, in December the contestants wouldn’t have been to the group day stage yet. This might be Amy talking gossip, and not really what happened on the show. Do you expect to see Amy Brumfield leave during group day?

Regardless, it is a huge breech of contract to discuss being sent home, or any results from ‘American Idol.’