The American Idol 2012 elimination results for Thursday night are here and we are live blogging them for you as they come in. Host Ryan Seacrest promised a “shocking” result for this week’s elimination night on his Twitter feed prior to the show, so things could get interesting!

Join as as we live blog the Ameican Idol elimination results show for you here!

WARNING: AMERICAN IDOL 2012 SPOILERS AHEAD – please stop reading right now if you do not want to know the outcome of the show on Thursday night!

For Thursday night’s American Idol 2012 elimination results show, Ryan Seacrest is doing something a little bit different with the big reveal of who will end up in the bottom three. To tease the audience, Seacrest splits the top 7 finalists into two groups.

In the first group we have:

  • Jessica Sanchez

In the second group we have:

  • Hollie Cavanagh

The assumption would be that one of these two groups will end up being the bottom three. BUT, Seacrest has switched things up at the last minute before to totally change the bottom three lineup, so he could be trying to fake everyone out.

Oh wow, wow, wow! The bottom three tonight is just totally unexpected! Ryan Seacrest was not being a tease when he said the results tonight would be shocking! Who would have thought we would see this bottom three lineup tonight, with the person everyone seemed to be expecting to go home NOT one of them!

The bottom three:

  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Elise Testone
  • Joshua Ledet

Steven Tyler has announced that the judges will automatically save whoever the bottom contestant is of the three. They are not letting any of these three go home in this round! That is seriously good news for the last contestant standing, who is no doubt totally floored by being the person with the least votes. That person is:

  • Jessica Sanchez!

The judges do indeed stick to their word and use their save to keep Jessica in the competition for next week. IN fact, they are so distraught at the voting that they leap on stage in a fit of dramatics and declare their save of Jessica loudly and pointedly.

“Give me that mic, this is crazy! Yes, we’re using the save, you ain’t going home. Go sit down, go sit down,” Jennifer Lopez said as she sort of shoved Jessica toward the contestants already saved.

“We are saving Jessica, without any doubt. Let me just say this. For myself, Steven and Jennifer, this girl is one of the best singers in America! Ever!” Randy Jackson said. “Are you kidding me? Please everybody… Please vote for the best, it’s about finding the best. I mean, come on!”

I bet Jessica is feeling really happy Jennifer Lopez did not get her way last week and convince the other judges to save DeAndre Brackensick! On the other hand, I bet Hollie Cavanagh is thinking, wow, if it had been me, they totally would have let me go without anything more than a token ‘I’m sorry baby’.

So it looks like we’ll be watching the American Idol top 7 battling it out yet again next week!