Elise Testone was eliminated from the competition on last night, leaving just 5 singers battling for the 2012 title. Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine were also in the bottom three, with Laine sent back to safety first. Interscope Records executive Jimmy Iovine called the bottom three Testone’s “vacation home,” and felt that she “had to prove herself every week” with the audience, unlike the other contenders.

Testone performed a rendition of Queen’s “I Want It All” during the first round on Wednesday and then took on Jimmy Hendrix’s “Bold as Love” for her second tune. The audience may not have liked the performances but the judges had positive things. “Elise, you found your stride,” said Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. “That’s what we’ve been waiting for you to do. You sang that like the classical song it was — if not even better tonight.” Lopez agreed.

“It was natural, it was sexy,” she said “You look great, you sounded great.” Music producer Randy Jackson, who has been Testone’s harshest critic out, was also pleased with her performance. “I mean, gosh. Wow! What a night so far,” Jackson said.”That was unbelievable as well. That style of song is so right for you.” “It allows you to do your Janis [Joplin] thing in the middle,” he added. “Brilliant.”

For round two, Testone took it to another level, emulating Joplin while singing Hendrix’s “Bold as Love.”

The judges were content, despite the small feud between Lopez and Jackson over how Testone sounded on stage.  “I love the Janis Joplin about you,” Tyler said. He then advised Testone to pick songs that people are familiar with. “I thought everybody knew that song,” Testone argued.

“You can’t pick the cherries with your back to the tree,” Tyler responded. Lopez once again agreed with Tyler, but said it didn’t even matter because Testone sounded great. Jackson disagreed with Lopez altogether.  “For me, it wasn’t the right song for this time in the competition,” Jackson said. “I feel like you kind of attacked the song.”