It was a great night for Simon Cowell to give the final critiques of his American Idol career.  You couldn’t have asked for two better singers from this season, unless you want to throw in Casey James, for Simon to have as the Top 2 finalists. 

I thought in honor of the judge we all love to hate I would tell you what he thought of each of the performances tonight.

Lee – ‘The Boxer’ was Lee’s choice and Simon said “That was a kiss on the cheek, when I want a kiss on the lips. It’s got to be a bit more than that.”

Crystal – ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ was her favorite song of the season and Simon said “This brought me back to when we absolutely fell in love with you. You know what, we have a competition tonight, that was excellent.”

Lee’s second song was ‘Everybody Hurts’ and it was chosen by Simon Fuller.  Cowell said “You went a little bit off melody at parts. What I’m getting from you tonight, is your nervous.When you come out for your last performance, I want 10 out of 10.”

Crystal’s pick by the producer was ‘Black Velvet’ and Simon said “I had a little bit of a problem, because I’m almost allergic to that song. But I’ve got to tell you, you took that song and you absolutely nailed it. I’m very impressed, I mean, really good.”

The last choice is the song the contestants will release as their first single if they win the competition.

Lee sang ‘Beautiful Day’ and Simon said, “this is what this competition was designed for, someone like you who needs a break…I genuinely wish the best for you. You’re a great guy.”

Crystal’s final song was ‘Up To The Mountain’ and Simon said as his last and final critique, “I thought that was by far the performance and the song of the night. And since this is going to be the final critique I’m ever going to give, that was outstanding.”

A good night for Cowell and a great night for the finalists.  Be sure to watch tomorrow night as the winner is crowned and we bid Simon farewell.