Tuesday night Big Mike said his goal was to make it into the Top 3 and Ellen immediately said his goal should have been to win.  Since he was ‘saved’ by the judges like five weeks ago, I think the guy should be happy with what he got and I’m sure there will be someone waiting to let him record an album.     

When we had our Top 24, I told my husband that in a perfect world it would be Lee, Casey and Crystal as the final 3 and I got my wish.  I’m hoping Casey or Lee take it all but the masses seem to be pulling for Crystal so I wouldn’t be surprised if she won the whole damn thing.

The problem I have with Crystal is we’ve already lived through the Janis Joplin era so when she makes an album will anyone really get into it?  I just don’t see how we can make this hippie chick current.  If I want to listen to “Me and Bobby McGee” I will throw in the Joplin CD not Bowersox but hey this is just my opinion.  Usually the original artist of a song is hard to beat but there are a few rare exceptions.

Disappointment is what I feel about Lee Dewyze.  I like the guy and I think he has a good sound when he can stay on pitch but he is not at all consistent.  The best he had ever done was when he couldn’t use his guitar so maybe the guitar is getting in the way of him focusing on the vocals. 

So here’s hoping the underdog Casey James takes the crown!  We will know tomorrow which songs the judges pick for each of the top 3 and I’m hoping for Casey’s sake he will get a Simon Cowell pick because if it’s up to Ellen and Randy to choose for him we may be in real trouble.  Casey is a fantastic musician so even if he doesn’t win, I think he may have a chance for a great career.