Within the first ten minutes I heard something about Caite being that last female standing at least 3 times.  It just makes me want so say NO SHIT!  She continually pats herself on the back and lets us know what a great job she is doing in the race.  Is she really that insecure from her Miss Teen USA pageant?  Come on chica, get over it!

The episode kicks off with teams heading to Shanghai, China.  They are hanging out at the airport with Caite bragging about uturning Carol and Brandy.  You would think if they wanted to get further in the game they would have uturned one of the couples who was actually a threat like the cowboys but no, they uturned a couple for the simple fact that they didn’t like them.  Made no sense to me.

The first Road Block was at a noodle house in a village and one member from each team had to make noodles by hand that weighed 1 kilo.  Caite didn’t do this too well and struggled with the noodle making while Cord kicked butt and the cowboys were on their way to the next clue.  The detectives and brothers get stuck with cab drivers who don’t know where to go so they arrive late to the Road Block. 

The teams must race back to Shanghai which is the fashion capital of China and go to work in a fashion house.  They are given a sketch by a model and must dress her exactly like the sketch.  The cowboys complete this before any other team arrives.  They are on a role.

For the first time in Amazing Race history the teams must face another Road Block and the team member who didn’t compete in the noodle house must do this challenge.  They must race to Hongkue Football Stadium where they are given 96 pieces of a large puzzle.  Once they complete it they hand it out to fans in the stadium who will turn it over and on the back is a seat assignment with their next clue.  The winds are really bad and sweep up some puzzle pieces and toss them to the other side of the stadium.  Even with the wind set back the cowboys finish first and are on their way to the pit stop where they win a trip for two to Alaska.

Brent and Caite come in second for this leg.  Very good for the pageant queen.  The Brothers are team 3 and the detectives who really struggled with the puzzle are the last team to arrive.  Lucky for them it is a non elimination leg so they get to fight another day.

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