Mistresses star Alyssa Milano has come a long way since her days on Who’s The Boss?, and the 40-year-old wife and mom strips down for the July Maxim cover and not many people are complaining! She has a busy plate, with being a mom and starring in the new series on ABC, but she also was recently named the new host for Project Runway All Stars Season 3! Check out the Alyssa Milano magazine cover below!

Alyssa Milano Maxim Cover

My thoughts on the Alyssa Milano Maxim cover:

  • How can someone that is 40 years old look that good?
  • How can someone who had a child ten months ago look that good?
  • How does she have time to do all her work and workout?

Yeah, I am jealous….if I was a lady I would want that body…hell, I am a guy and want that body!

Mistresses is currently airing on ABC and I am a fan of the show and I can’t wait to see Alyssa as host/judge on Project Runway All Stars Season 3, which is set to premiere in the fall sometime!

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