The All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 premiere starts tonight and it looks to be a season filled with some big personalities and even crazier stars, but who is your favorite returning celebrity on All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013Donald Trump brought back 14 celebrities to fight again to win $250,000 for their charity. Watch them battle it out tonight with us during our All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 Live Recap and find out who was eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 with us!

Celebrity Apprentice 2013 - Premiere Preview

The Trump is back, but also back is Gary Busey, who will surely bring us some entertaining moments as we see that trainwreck compete. Omarosa returns for the third time in the boardroom and from previous clips, it looks like her and La Toya Jackson have some heated exchanges.

If one thing is certain, there is always drama on The Celebrity Apprentice, so expect that to be in full-force with this new cast of stars. Check out the preview here and remember to come back tonight for our live recap:

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