Donald Trump and his crazy celebrities are back next week for the premiere of All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 and he is bringing back some of the craziest celebrities from season’s past for another chance at winning $250,000 for their charities. How can you have an All Star Celebrity Apprentice Season 6 without bringing back the nuttiest of them all Gary Busey! You bet he will be there and you can check out the full cast in the slideshow below!

>>>Check out Live Recap here from the All Star Celebrity Apprentice premiere!!!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

This new cast on Celebrity Apprentice 2013 is for sure going to bring the drama. Clearly they didn’t get enough camera time the first season they appeared on, so Trump decided to bring them back and hop on board the all-star theme many shows have been going with this past season.

Besides Bret Michaels, all of the returning celebrities did not win the season they appeared on, so redemption time for many of them. Previous season champions Arsenio Hall, Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan and John Rich will return throughout All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 as mentors for these celebrities. Check out the All Star Celebrity Apprentice 2013 cast here:

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