Have you heard that the Super Bowl 2013 is going on tonight? The news is everywhere, but besides the fact that Beyonce will be performing at the halftime show for Super Bowl 2013 there are some other big singers making appearances at the Super Bowl. Alicia Keys sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl 2013 and you can see the performance below!


Besides Alicia and Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson performed “America the Beautiful” with the Sandy Hook Elementary Chorus, which was very good.

For the National Anthem, I was a little underwhelmed by the performance by Alicia Keys. She has an amazing voice, but it never seemed to go anywhere. Also, was anyone else annoyed by the fact that fans in the stadium were cheering and screaming as they showed players on the field, including Ray Lewis? I know they cheered for the soldiers they showed as well, but I just think it was rude and tasteless and let Alicia sing the song. Your thoughts?

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