Adam Levine fires back at Randy Jackson on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, clip below. It looks like the feud between American Idol and The Voice won’t be dying down anytime soon.

After Randy Jackson recently suggested that The Voice was only for failed singers who want a “second chance,” the judges on the NBC competition were none too pleased.

“Shame on Randy Jackson for saying that, because he out of anybody should know that if you’re in this business you need second, third, fourth and fifth chances,” Adam Levine says on Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Jackson made his comments during the Television Critics Association’s Winter press tour last month.

He told reporters, “The winner of The Voice, as I will remind you, was an artist who had a deal on Capitol for many years – a failed contract over there – so for that show it was almost like second chance people, it wasn’t like some new artist. It’s a different thing.”

During Levine’s response on Ellen, he points out that Jackson’s owes his success to the hit Fox series.

“He was a working musician for a long time and had a lot of success and then the show ‘Idol’ kind of blew him out of the water,” Levine says. “And he is a household name now.”

“It was an irresponsible thing to say that,” he adds.

What do you think of Jackson and Levine’s comments?