It was down to Nicholas Elmi and Nina Compton on Top Chef New Orleans 2014 last night and one of them would be crowned the winner of Top Chef Season 11, so who won Top Chef 2014 Season 11 last night? Find out the details and the results on Top Chef 2014 New Orleans last night in our Top Chef 2014 spoilers that follow!

Top Chef - Season 11

Last night on Top Chef 2014 Season 11, we saw Nick and Nina battle it out in the final challenge of the season. They were put to the task of running dinner service in their own restaurant for one night. They created the menus and got help from three eliminated chefs from Season 11. They had to create a four-course menu for the judges and diners to enjoy.

To be honest, during the service it looked like Nina would be named the winner of Top Chef 2014. They both had good dishes, but it seemed like Nina was getting more praise from the judges than Nick was. And her kitchen seemed enjoyable to work in with her, Shirley, Stephanie and Travis.

However, at the Judges’ Table, things seemed to switch around. Despite all the negative comments, the judges were split between the two chefs. They had Nina winning the first two dishes and Nick winning the last two dishes. They talked and talked and talked some more and determined that Nick was the winner of Top Chef New Orleans 2014!

Do I agree with this decision? Hell no! The judges talked about basing it on the service and overall experience since they were split with the dishes. Wouldn’t that clearly go to Nina then since Nick’s servers were lost all night and he was heard swearing in the kitchen? This isn’t Hell’s Kitchen, folks!

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Top Chef Season 11 last night?

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