We have seen some pretty good battles on Top Chef Duels this season, but we got a chance to see the only female winners of Top Chef take each other on last night and it was a tight race, but who won The Duel on Top Chef Duels 2014 last night? Find out the Week 8 results on Top Chef Duels Season 1 last night below in our Top Chef Duels 2014 spoilers!

Top Chef Duel - Season 1

Last night on Top Chef Duels Season 1, it was Kristen Kish (Season 10) taking on Stephanie Izard (Season 4) and they both came out swinging. While they both have won, they do have different styles of cooking and it showed with their dishes and their challenges. Speaking of the challenges, they both brought their own challenge and they both took home the victory for their challenge. Because of that, they each walked away with $10,000!

It was then on to The Duel on Top Chef Duels and they were being brought back to Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. It was actually a pretty cool concept and they both made some pretty incredible dishes. The results shocked me though, as it seemed like the judges really like Kristen’s first and last dish. Stephanie seemed to win the second dish and failed at the dessert again, so it looked like Kristen would win. Nope, the judges picked Stephanie as the winner and she heads to the finale and a chance of winning $100,000. Kristen heads to The Knockout to fight for a spot in the finale!

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Top Chef Duels last night?

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