It was time for redemption on Top Chef Duels last night, as former contestants returned to the show that eliminated them both too soon, so who won The Duel on Top Chef Duels 2014 last night? Find out the Week 7 results on Top Chef Duels Season 1 last night below in our Top Chef Duels 2014 spoilers!

Top Chef Duels - Season 1

Last night on Top Chef Duels Season 1, it was a battle between Jen Carroll and Nyesha Arrington. They both brought their own challenge. It was Jen creating a sea urchin dish, which she won and took home $10,000. For Nyesha, she picked a dish that took down Jen in her original season: eggs and bacon! It took her down again, as Nyesha won and took home $10,000!

For The Duel, the chefs were cooking for the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Because of this, it was a cops-themed dinner, including a donut dessert! While both of the chefs had some good and creative dishes, even though both of them failed at the donut dessert, it all came down to just one vote that separated them!

After all three dishes were eaten and voted on, it was Jen Carroll declared as the winner of The Duel on Top Chef Duels 2014 last night and she heads to the finale. Meanwhile, Nyesha Arrington was eliminated, but sent to The Knockout to take on Tiffani Faison. They both want to remain in the kitchen and earn a spot in the finale and a chance at winning $100,000!

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Top Chef Duels last night?

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