The Battle Rounds on The Voice USA Season 5 continued last night and we got to see the results of six more battles on The Voice 2013, so who won the Battle Rounds on The Voice USA 2013 last night? Night 2 is behind us, so get the details below in our The Voice USA 2013 spoilers!

The Voice - Season 5

We got to see six battles last night on The Voice 2013 and here are the results:

  • Team Christina – Matthew Schuler beat Jacob Poole; no steals
  • Team CeeLo – Kat Robichaud beat R. Anthony; no steals
  • Team CeeLo – Cole Vosbury beat Lupe Carroll; no steals
  • Team Blake – E.G. Daily beat Sam Cerniglia; no steals
  • Team Adam – Ashley DuBose beat Justin Blake; no steals
  • Team Blake – Ray Boudreaux beat Monika Leigh; Monika is stolen by Team CeeLo for the Knockout Rounds

For the night, only one steal came into play. Adam Levine still have both of his steals in play. Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green both have used one and have one still in play. Blake Shelton used both of his steals on Night 1, so no more steals for him this round!

For Night 2, I was a little disappointed in how they quickly went through three of the battles just to make up some time. How could they not show the battle for Ashley DuBose? She was one of the best blind auditions, but then her Battle Round is not even shown? What gives NBC? We saw a snippet of it, but I want more!!!

What do you think of the coaches’ decisions last night on The Voice USA 2013?

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