We have traveled across four continents and nine countries, but it was time to find out the winner of The Amazing Race Season 23 last night after all that traveling, so who won The Amazing Race 2013 last night? Check out the results on The Amazing Race 2013 finale below in our The Amazing Race 2013 spoilers!

Amazing Race Season 23 Cast

Last night on The Amazing Race Season 23, the night started with four teams (Tim & Marie, Nicole & Travis, Jason & Amy and Leo & Jamal). As it turned out, Leo & Jamal were on the outside looking in, as the other three teams made a pact to work together and keep the Afghanimals behind them. At the first chance, they tried to screw over Tim & Marie and that alliance got no where. It did allow Marie to get some payback and they finished in first place for the leg of the race! Unfortunately, Leo struggled with building a robot and it put them in last place and they were eliminated!

For the final leg, the teams all started at the same point, thanks to a flight back to Alaska. However, at the first challenge, Amy got it done on her second attempt and the other ladies took forever. That lead is all they needed and Jason & Amy kept the lead the rest of the way, as they were crowned winners of The Amazing Race Season 23. Not a fan of them, so I was disappointed. I literally found myself rooting for Tim & Marie last night, which has not happened all season long!

What did you think of The Amazing Race 2013 results last night?

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