We saw the finale performances on SYTYCD 2015 and America voted for their favorite dancer and now it was time for those results on So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 to be revealed by Cat Deeley, so who won So You Think You Can Dance 2015 last night? Find out the Season 12 finale results on So You Think You Can Dance last night below in our So You Think You Can Dance 2015 spoilers!

So You Think You Can Dance 2015 Spoilers - Season 12 Winner

Last night on So You Think You Can Dance Season 12, it was time for the results to be revealed. We were down to the final four dancers of the season: Virgil Gadson, Jana “JaJa” Vankova, Gaby Diaz and Hailee Payne. One of them would walk away as America’s Favorite Dancer, but who would it be???

Well, we were going to have to sit through two hours of fluff before those results were given. It was a night of favorites, as the judges picked their favorite performances of the season and the dancers performed them one more time. We had a lot of great routines this season and it was nice to see them again, but we all wanted to know the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 12, right?

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We finally got down to it and, of course, it came down to Team Stage’s Gaby against Team Street’s JaJa. This seemed was the most likely matchup, as both have been outstanding all season long. I thought it would be JaJa pulling out the victory, but I was shocked when Cat announced that Gaby Diaz was the winner of SYTYCD 2015!

So You Think You Can Dance 2015 Spoilers - Season 12 Winner Gaby Diaz

So, what do you think of the results on SYTYCD Season 12 last night?

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