It was a night of finales and in case you missed the MasterChef Junior Season 2 finale and missed watching Logan and Samuel battle it out to be the new winner of MasterChef Junior 2014, then you may want to know who won MasterChef Junior 2014 last night? Well, get the results on MasterChef Junior Season 2 last night below in our MasterChef Junior 2014 spoilers!

MasterChef Junior 2014 Spoilers - Season 2 Finale Results Winner

Last night on MasterChef Junior Season 2, it came down to Logan and Samuel and they had quite a task on their hands: create a three-course meal for the MasterChef Junior judges 2014 (Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich) and whoever served the better meal would be named the winner.

Before getting into the results, I want to discuss these kids. I mean, Samuel is 12 years old and Logan is 11 years old. What were you doing at their age? I definitely was not cooking these fancy dishes. Hell, I am 36 years old and still making meals that pale in comparison to what they created last night!

Anyways, they both had their stumbles along the way and the judges seemed split on the contestants. It could have gone either way, but they discussed and they decided to pick Logan as the winner of MasterChef Junior Season 2 and he walked away with that $100,000 check! His dishes were so creative and I was rooting for him, but Samuel deserves some major props and he created equally as good of dishes. Both could have won, but only one of them did. Congrats to Logan and share some of that money with me!

What do you think of the results on MasterChef Junior Season 2 last night?

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