It has been a season of life and death on Face Off Season 7 and someone’s life was completely changed last night when they were announced as the winner of Face Off 2014, so who won Face Off 2014 Season 7 last night? Check out the finale results on Face Off Season 7 last night below in our Face Off 2014 Season 7 spoilers!

Face Off - Season 7

Last night on Face Off 2014, it was the finale and the final challenge of the season. We were down to the final three artists (Cig Neutron, Dina Cimarusti and Drew Talbot) and they each were responsible for creating two knights: one that represented life and one that represented death, which brought the season to a fitting end.

Each artist was given a team of assistants to help them along the way and they all came up with some amazing looks. I don’t know how they manage to pull this off, but this show has some truly talented contestants and it makes it fun to watch! The final show is always over-the-top and this was no different, as the knights were created and shown to the judges and then the fighting began! It was a battle of the knights and the costumes and makeup held up very well!

In the end, the judges were torn over picking the winner, but they decided to go with Dina Cimarusti as the winner of Face Off 2014 Season 7 and she is deserving of the victory. It seems like the women have been dominating the past couple seasons, so girl power to them and congrats to Dina!

Do you agree with the judges decision last night on Face Off 2014?

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