We were down to the final three makeup artists on Face Off Season 5, as Tate, Laura and Roy competed to be named the winner of Face Off 2013 and the Face Off Season 5 finale brought us an entertaining episode, but we all want to know who won Face Off 2013 Season 5 last night? Get the details and find out the winner of Face Off 2013 below in our Face Off 2013 spoilers!

Face Off 2013 Season 5 Winner

For the finale, the three remaining contestants had to create two lead characters from Swan Lake: a woman transforming into a swan and the sorcerer who casts the spell on her. These finale makeups will be put to the test in an epic performance by the Los Angeles Ballet.

All three artists created some amazing looks and it just goes to show you why this show is such a success and why it keeps coming back on the air. It is different and shows us a real talent on a reality competition show. What these people do every week is amazing and they are all well-deserving of the victory.

However, the judges could name only one winner and after discussing all three looks and getting an up close and personal look at them all, the judges announced the winner of Face Off Season 5. The 2013 Fiat, a trip and $100,000 went to Laura Tyler! 

The season consisted of rookies versus veterans of the show and it turned out the final three artists were veterans of the show. She may not have won during Season 3, but she took home the crown last night!

Do you agree with the judges decision last night on Face Off 2013?

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