For a season that everyone talked about (mainly terrible things to say), I think CBS was very excited to see the end come for Big Brother 15, but first a winner had to be announced and you can find out who won Big Brother 2013 below! We have our Big Brother 2013 spoilers working for you one more time this season!

Big Brother 2013 - Final 3

We had  a lot to get through last night on Big Brother 2013, as we saw the final three HouseGuests (Spencer, GinaMarie and Andy) make their way through all three parts of the final HoH competition. In the end, Andy beat GinaMarie in Part 3, but then turned around and brought her to the Final 2 with him, which shocked me!

In the Final 2, the jury asked questions and GM struggled with the answers, as Andy sounded polished and told everyone he loved them 80 million times! I guess it helped, as the jury voted 7-2 (Judd and Aaryn voted for GM) and Andy Herren was declared the winner of Big Brother 15.

What do you think of the results last night on Big Brother 2013?

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