MTV is mixing veterans with rookie prospects on The Challenge Season 33 and things kicked off tonight during The Challenge 33 premiere! You all want to know though, who went home on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 tonight? Find out The Challenge 2019 results below in our The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 spoilers!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Spoilers - Premiere Results

For this new season, MTV is going to be bringing in 18 new rookie prospects and they are picking them for a wide variety of franchises, like Big Brother, The Bachelor, Survivor and even American Ninja Warrior! They even went global for these rookies, like from Ex on the Beach and Gordie Shore. The twist though is the rookies will be paired with a veteran, so alliances will be tested as they fight for a share of that $1 million prize!

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The Challenge

After riding ATVs through the desert to meet up with the rookies, the veterans have arrived and it’s time for the first challenge! The challenge is called “Impending Dune” and played in a women’s and men’s heat. They will start at the top of the sand dune, which has a bucket of balls on top. The balls will be dropped down the hill and they have to catch a ball. Then bring it back to the top and trade it for a bag of puzzle pieces. Complete the puzzle at the bottom of the dune and win. TJ said rankings matter, as they will come into play later on. Since there are 18 rookies and 16 veterans, the two last place finishers for the rookies will be eliminated tonight!


The men’s heat is up first on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 and it is Paulie being the first one done for the veterans and Ashley C. winning it for the rookies. It came down to Josh and Gus for the rookies and Gus finished it, which means that Josh, the Big Brother 19 winner, is eliminated!

The women’s heat is up next and it is Da’Vonne winning for the veterans and finishing right behind her is Natalie D. for the rookies. It comes down to Liz and Zahida for the rookies and it is Zahida that gets it down first, so Liz is eliminated and her twin sister Julia remains in the competition! And both rookies were from Big Brother!

The Bunker

The players arrive and pick their spots to sleep. It’s funny, as everyone runs to get there besides CT and Turbo, but CT still gets one of the best rooms in the house. Meanwhile, we see Cara Maria and Paulie talk about all the places they can have sex and Da’Vonne and Kam are discussing who they want to pair up with as a partner. Chase and Nany are flirting and Morgan is trying to work it to be partners with Johnny BananasAshley M. is worried that Hunter may kill her, as she took all of the $1 million prize in the Final Reckoning finale when they finished first. Then drama with Kam and Leroy, as they are and aren’t dating and fine with that.

Now Nany is grinding on Johnny, which upsets Chase. Theo said that Ashley M. sounds like Eminem’s mom on 8 Mile, so she does not take that well and said she’ll pick him as a partner and sabotage it so they go home and ruin his game, as she is rich!

Picking Partners

The contestants head out to meet TJ Lavin and he said it will be an all-out war on The Challenge 33, so they need an ally. They will be partnered as guy-girl pairings and the rookies will be picking the teams! All night the veterans were talking about who they would pick and now they have no say in it! Before picking teams, we find out that Alan broke his hand during the first challenge and can’t compete now, so he is eliminated!

The teams on The Challenge War of the Worlds are:

  • Natalie D. and Paulie
  • Ashley C. and Kam
  • Morgan and Johnny Bananas
  • Bear and Da’Vonne
  • Georgia and Hunter
  • Theo and Cara Maria
  • Julia and CT
  • Turbo and Nany
  • Dee and Wes
  • JP and Natalie N.
  • Mattie and Kyle
  • Chase and Ashley M.
  • Shaleen and Leroy
  • Zahida and Zach
  • Gus and Jenna

Amanda is the final veteran remaining and no rookies remaining, but she is not going home. They are bringing Josh from Big Brother 19 back and they are now a team, as we move into the team challenges next week on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on MTV!

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