The big theme on The Challenge 33 happens to be the UK alliance being so strong and the US alliance needs to start targeting those players and breaking up the Brits, but then a new week begins and they just continue going after their vendettas on The Challenge 2019, so who went home on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 last night? Find out the Week 7 results on The Challenge Season 33 last night below in our The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 spoilers!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Spoilers - Week 7 Results

Last night on The Challenge Season 33Bear was being Bear and he wants Wes gone, but he knows that Ninja Natalie & Paulie are the strongest team and they need to go. So, they became the big targets of the week for the UK alliance.

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At the challenge, we saw Bear & Da’Vonne, Gus & Jenna and Wes & Dee form the Tribunal, so could Bear get his wish granted? Somewhat, even though he overpowered his partner’s decision on this one.

They were nominated, but it was Josh & Amanda who ended up getting voted into the Killing Floor and they chose to take on Kam & Ashley! When it first started, Josh & Amanda were killing it and so close to finish the challenge. However, Josh ended up losing control at the end and they ended up slipping all the way down the ladder.

That meant they were out and Kam & Ashley just had to get higher on the ladder than Josh & Amanda did. They took their time, but they made it there and Kam & Ashley won on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 last night and have immunity for next week. That also meant that Josh & Amanda were eliminated!

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