It seems like all of the focus lately on The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 seems to be on Bear and his crazy, lying ways, but that is what happens when a lot of the teams on The Challenge 33 don’t like him and want him to go home, but who went home on The Challenge 2019 last night? Find out the Week 8 results on The Challenge Season 33 last night below in our The Challenge 2019 spoilers!

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2019 Spoilers - Week 8 Results

Last night on The Challenge 33, things kicked off with Bear talking to his “girlfriend” on video chat. Apparently they are on-again, off-again and Bear said (so take it as you may) that they left it up in the air when he came on the show. However, she seemed concerned and wondering if she should be worried about something or someone since she had not heard from him. He said nothing to worry about, which Georgia overheard and was ticked off!

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In the end, this ticked off Hunter, as Bear keeps disrespecting his teammate. However, it turned into Hunter disrespecting Georgia as the night went on and way too much drama!

After not making the Tribunal and Wes making it, Bear & Da’Vonne were nominated and eventually voted into the Killing Floor. They opted to take on Gus & Jenna, as they played “Push & Pole,” which had them and their opponent holding onto a pole and trying to get it out of the hands of their opponent. First team to win three rounds would win this challenge.

It ended in a 3-1 victory for Bear & Da’Vonne, as they remained in the competition and will be safe next week, as they get the Relic. That meant Gus & Jenna were eliminated from the game!

What did you think of the results on The Challenge 33 last night?

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