Colton Underwood seemed to be in the mood to send everyone home last night on The Bachelor Season 23, as there were five women that went home total last night and it got very dramatic, but who went home on The Bachelor 2019 last night? Find out those Week 6 results on The Bachelor last night below in our The Bachelor 2019 spoilers!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Week 6 Results

Last night on The Bachelor Season 23, things picked up from the week before and it was the drama between Onyeka and Nicole. They continued to argue it out while with the other women, as Colton talked with Chris Harrison about everything going on. In the end, Colton came back for the Rose Ceremony and he ended up sending home Onyeka and Nicole, so I guess the catfighting didn’t help their case?

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From there, Colton and the remaining ladies made their way to Vietnam for another week of dates. We had a lot of women on the edge, as they felt they needed to connect with Colton and STAT! They all wanted a one-on-one date, so when it didn’t happen for some of them, they seemed to lose their freakin’ minds!

On the group date, Sydney was one of those ladies losing her mind. She felt Colton was connecting with some of the other women more than her and she didn’t get it and if he was connecting with them, then he would never want a girl like her in the end. Because of that, she decided to eliminate herself during the group date!

The night after his second one-on-one date in Vietnam (which was with Kirpa), Demi decided to go surprise Colton in his suite. She wanted to make a big move and thought the night would end with Colton no longer being a virgin. However, it ended with her telling him that she was falling in love with him and Colton saying he didn’t feel the same and he sent her home!

Now all the women wanted to chat with Colton at the Cocktail Party and secure their place on the show, but Colton knew what he wanted to do and decided to skip the Cocktail Party! This had the women losing their minds, yet again!

At the Rose Ceremony, Colton decided to eliminate Katie and the eliminations were finally done for the week, as he is done to the final seven women on The Bachelor 2019! The night ended with Colton concerned, as Sydney, Demi and Katie all warned Colton to watch out for the remaining women and some of them are not there for the right reasons. This worried Colton, as all three women said it and now he is freakin’ out!

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