ABC was definitely giving us an dramatic episode of The Bachelor Season 19 last night, as the women on The Bachelor 2015 were pulling out all the stops to make sure Chris Soules knew they wanted to be there and would do anything to stay (including fake panic attacks), but who went home on The Bachelor 2015 last night? Find out the Week 6 results on The Bachelor Season 19 last night below in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers!


Last night on The Bachelor Season 19, we picked up where things left off the week before and Kelsey Poe on the floor with the medics around her while she had this “panic attack” that was like nails on the chalkboard! Her fake crying and screams were too much for me to handle, but she was on a mission to get that rose, one way or another and it worked! As the Rose Ceremony was held and she received a rose, but it was Samantha and Mackenzie that did not receive one and they were eliminated.

[SPOILERS: Click here to find out Chris’ final four women!]

We then moved on to a new week and new adventures, as Chris and the ladies headed to Deadwood, South Dakota! We got the chance to see more of Becca, as she got the lone one-on-one date of the night and I fell in love. She has such a good vibe and she got her first kiss from Chris! We also saw a group date where the ladies wrote and sang some country songs, but the drama happened when Chris whisked Britt away to the Big & Rich show and gave her the group date rose!

Then the real drama happened, as the two-on-one date took place and it was Ashley I. and Kelsey on the date! How many think the producers made the selection for this date??? Either way, they do not like each other and it turned into Ashley telling Chris that none of the women like Kelsey and then Chris confronting Kelsey about that and then Kelsey confronting Ashley about it and then Ashley crying to Chris about it. It was big drama, but it ended with Chris sending both of the women home while on the date because he did not see a future with them!

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We now wait until next week for the Rose Ceremony and will he send someone else home???

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