It was a night of women returning on The Bachelor Season 19 and women trying to win an Oscar with an acting job that everyone could see through except the medics, so who went home on The Bachelor 2015 last night? Find out the Week 5 results on The Bachelor Season 19 last night below in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers!


Last night on The Bachelor Season 19, it was a night filled with drama and some revelations from the women on The Bachelor 2015. It was time to leave the mansion behind, as Chris Soules and the women made their way to Sante Fe, New Mexico. The first one-on-one date went to Carly and it was beyond awkward with the love guru and lots of heavy bretahing and awkwardness.

We then saw a group date that featured drunk Jordan trying to return to the competition. Chris allowed her to stay at the cocktail party for the group date, but then he sent her home because it did not feel right. Then there was a one-on-one date with Britt and they went for a hot air balloon ride and then she probably went for a ride in his hotel room, as the doors were shut!

Kelsey was feeling like she was going home and needed some alone time with Chris, so she snuck into his hotel room and told him the “amazing story” of her husband’s death (her words)! She felt like she definitely had a rose after that time with him, but the Cocktail Party came and Chris arrived and was a mess! He left the ladies and talked with Chris Harrison, who came back to the ladies that Chris had already known who he was sending home that night and they would forego the Cocktail Party and go directly to the Rose Ceremony.

The ladies waited anxiously, but then Kelsey got up and walked away. She was then laying on the ground and crying with medics around her. She said she was having a panic attack, but it was a terrible acting job! This is where it ended, as To Be Continued popped on the screen and we wait until next week to find out what happened!

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