We got to see the Jade Roper in Playboy scandal play out last night on The Bachelor Season 19 and it had to wait until the Hometown Dates on The Bachelor 2015, as Chris Soules messed with everyone’s plans to talk to him during the Cocktail Party in Iowa, but who went home on The Bachelor 2015 last night? Find out the results on The Bachelor Season 19 last night below in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers!

The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers - Hometown Dates Results

Last night on The Bachelor Season 19, we kicked off the second night of The Bachelor two-night event with the ending in Iowa. We were so focused on Britt the night before that we forgot Becca still had a one-on-one date to go on! She got hers and it was very quick and it seems like they did nothing, but then it went to the Rose Ceremony day. Britt talked to the ladies and said she packed her bags and was ready to leave and was going to tell Chris at the Cocktail Party! None of them believed her!

However, Chris Harrison comes in and tells them no Cocktail Party and headed straight to the Rose Ceremony! Britt was not happy and either was Jade, who planned on telling Chris about Playboy then! At the Rose Ceremony, Britt pulled Chris aside and apologized for her actions on the group date and seemed to be fishing for him to say he wanted to keep her around. Instead, he said her actions were not actions he wanted his wife to have and he sent her home!!!! He then sent Carly Waddell home at the Rose Ceremony, which seemed like an afterthought!

[SPOILERS: Click here to find out The Bachelor Season 19 winner!]

Then it was Hometown Dates and the main focus was on Jade and she finally told Chris about posing for Playboy and they looked at the photos and video together! He said it did not bother him and he was fine with it, but then he sent her home at the Rose Ceremony that week?

So, we have Becca, Whitney and Kaitlyn in the Fantasy Suite Dates next week! What do you think?

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