The first episode of The Bachelor Season 18 is always interesting, as we see all the drama of the women on The Bachelor Juan Pablo try and get some alone time with Juan Pablo and then freak out when they don’t, so who went home on The Bachelor 2014 last night? Check out the results on The Bachelor Season 18 premiere last night below in our The Bachelor spoilers 2014!


Last night on The Bachelor 2014, we wasted some time taking a look at Juan Pablo with his daughter Camila and we got to see some video packages on a few of the women fighting for Juan Pablo’s love. We finally got to the limos arriving with the women and the awkward introductions by the women and them trying to make a great first impression.

This led to the first cocktail party on The Bachelor 2014 and then the first Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor Season 18. We had some awkward moments, as these ladies struggled to understand the name that Juan Pablo was even saying!!! Clare had to make sure Juan Pablo said her name to start the Rose Ceremony and then Kylie thought he said her name and came up to get her rose, but he actually said Kat’s name….awkward!!!

As far as the women that were eliminated last night, we saw Alexis, Amy J., Ashley, Christine, Kylie, Lacy, Lauren H., Maggie and Valerie. The good thing with these eliminations: Lauren H. was a hot mess and the first one to shed tears on The Bachelor 2014, as her “insecurities” came out and Valerie thought she was so pretty and annoyed the hell out of me with the very little amount of seeing her!

What do you think of the results on The Bachelor Season 18 last night?

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