The hometown dates took place last night on The Bachelor 2013 and we have some The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers and if you were wondering who went home on The Bachelor 2013 last night then keep on reading. Things got intense last night and you can say that Sean may have dramatized it even more, but in the end someone had to go home.

Bachelor 2013 - Final Four Women

The Bachelor Sean Lowe traveled to all the hometowns of the remaining four women and while some went well (AshLee Frazier and Lindsay Yenter) others did not go as planned (Desiree Hartsock and Catherine Giudici). Sean was worried about Catherine and if she was in it for the same things he was and Sean and Desiree’s brother did not get along and he didn’t want that for the family of his future wife.

He was torn until the very end, but he ended up sending Desiree home on The Bachelor Season 17. I thought she was an early favorite and was a little surprised to see him send her home. AshLee just bothers me and annoys me, but I am rooting for Lindsay to win this season!

How do you feel about the elimination on The Bachelor 2013 last night? Do you think Desiree’s brother ruined it for her?

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