Talk about a crazy night on The Bachelor 2013 last night as The Bachelor Sean Lowe took the women to Canada for a very cold adventure, but then he sent three women home in one night! No one was safe during the trip to Canada, but you know there will be tons of drama because Tierra LiCausi was still in the game. In the end, three women were sent home on The Bachelor 2013 in a wild night. Find out who went home on The Bachelor 2013 last night in my The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers below!


My rant first: do you think Tierra was faking the hypothermia after the Polar Bear Plunge or was that real? You can look at her and tell she is faking, but somehow Sean doesn’t see it and it makes me want to slap him more and more each week!

Back to the eliminations, Sean shocked everyone when after the group date he felt like someone there was not the one for him and he had to send her home right away and not let her wait it out for the Rose Ceremony. That woman: Sarah Herron! 

At the Rose Ceremony, despite giving up her beliefs and going against her mother’s wishes and kissing Sean on national television, Selma Alameri was sent home on The Bachelor 2013. Also getting the boot was Daniella McBride, who never got a one-on-one date with Sean, but somehow made it to the final nine women? Was she putting out or something?

What do you think of who went home on The Bachelor 2013 last night?

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