We had a double elimination on Survivor Season 27 last night, as the castaways found themselves heading to Tribal Council two times and having to vote off two castaways on Survivor Blood vs Water, so who went home on Survivor 2013 Season 27 last night? Check out the Week 9 results on Survivor Season 27 in our Survivor 2013 spoilers that follow!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 9 Results

Last night on Survivor 2013, the castaways found themselves doing two Immunity Challenges and heading to Tribal Council twice. There seems to be an alliance that is seven strong (Tyson, Gervase, Hayden, Caleb, Ciera, Laura and Monica) and the three standouts (Vytas, Tina and Katie). With the numbers, that means the alliance can pick out the three one at a time. They could also vote out one of their own and still have the numbers to be safe.

Monica won immunity for the first challenge and at the first Tribal Council Vytas was voted off by his tribe and he headed to Redemption Island to join his brother Aras.

The second Immunity Challenge was won by Katie, which meant that her mother Tina was on the chopping block. She attempted to find the Hidden Immunity Idol, but had the other castaways following her around all day, so she did not find one. She tried to shift the focus onto Monica at Tribal Council, but it did not help and Tina was voted off!

That means Tina and Vytas joined Aras on Redemption Island and we should see another dual between them next week. No clue when someone will come back this time, seeming I thought Redemption Island was done last week on Survivor 2013!

What do you think of the eliminations on Survivor 27 last night?

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