What a night we had on Survivor Season 27 last night, as we had people threatening to quit the game and decisions to be made at Redemption Island to save a loved one or not and a blindside at Tribal Council on Survivor Blood vs Water, so who went home on Survivor 2013 Season 27 last night? You can find out the details below in our Survivor 2013 spoilers that follow!

Survivor 2013 Season 27 Spoilers - Week 3 Results

Last night on Survivor 2013, we had emotions running high, which I expect to be a common theme until at least the merge and then the loved ones will be able to work with their loved ones, if they so choose. Here is a breakdown of what happened last night:

Redemption Island:

  • Tyson finds out that his girlfriend Rachel was voted off by the Tadhana Tribe and he threatens them all if he ever gets to Redemption Island to watch out for him, but she thinks he is better on his tribe and stays on Redemption Island.
  • Colton has a breakdown because no one on his tribe will succumb to his stupid drama and then QUITS and walks away from the game for the second time!
  • Rachel loses the battle and she is eliminated from Survivor 27.
  • Candice won the challenge and gives a second clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to her husband John.

Tribal Council:

  • The Tadhana Tribe found themselves on the losing end of the Immunity Challenge for the third straight week, but would the all-guy alliance stick together and vote out another girl?
  • Talk before Tribal Council went between voting out John because he has the clues for the Idol and voting out Brad because he is cocky and thinks he runs the show, so blindside him.
  • Well, it was a blindside, but to John and he was voted off Survivor 2013 last night and joins his wife Candice on Redemption Island, along with Marissa.

What do you think of the eliminations on Survivor 27 last night?

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