We got to see out first dual at Redemption Island on Survivor Season 27 last night with a new batch of castaways and it was a battle of the brothers (Aras and Vytas) and Tina, but who went home on Survivor 2013 Season 27 last night? Get the details on the Week 10 results on Survivor Blood vs Water below in our Survivor 2013 spoilers!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 10 Results

It was a back-and-forth kind of night, as no one really knew what was going on and everyone is lying to everyone last night on Survivor 2013, but this is a summary of all the good stuff:

Redemption Island:

  • After a little hiatus and waiting for three new castaways to be on RI, we had our next dual featuring Aras, Vytas and Tina.
  • I thought Tina would get trounced in this dual, as the brothers have been strong in all the challenges this season.
  • Not the case, as Tina got out to an early lead and was showing she is boss.
  • Vytas caught up and passed Tina once her ball fell out of the puzzle and had to start over. He went on to win the dual and gave the Hidden Immunity Idol to Katie, in hopes she would find it and keep herself safe another week.
  • It was then a battle between Tina and Aras and, shockingly, Tina came out on top and Aras became the first member of the jury on Survivor 2013.

Tribal Council:

  • It was back and forth between Katie and Laura going home since the castaways wanted to breakup the final couple still in the game (Laura and Ciera).
  • Even though Katie was the easier vote (she never found the Hidden Immunity Idol), they voted out Laura (again) and she heads to Redemption Island.
  • Laura won the last dual and won a chance back in the game, so will be a threat yet again on there!

What do you think of the eliminations on Survivor 27 last night?

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