It was all about getting out into the field for the challenge last night on Project Runway 2013 and it brought more drama and bug bites, but who went home on Project Runway Season 12 last night? Get all the dirt in our Project Runway Season 12 spoilers that follow!

Project Runway Season 12 - Week 6 Results

Last night on Project Runway 2013, it was time for the designers to take a little break from the workroom and designing and head out to the woods for some glamping! The s’mores and activities looked awesome and I was ready to join them! Anyone else?

The designers were to create high-end looks that were inspired by nature. Alexandria spent the time sketching and working on her look for the week while the other designers spent some time socializing. It paid off, as Alexandria created the winning look for the week (much to the dismay of Ken) and she will have immunity next week on Project Runway Season 12!

For the bottom looks, it ended up being Karen (who made a very boring dress) and Justin (who created a look that Nina Garcia said looked like the model was foaming at the crotch)! The boring dress won over the foaming crotch and Justin was eliminated by the designers. However, Tim Gunn thought Justin deserved a little more time in the workroom and the judges were wrong last night, so he used his Tim Gunn Save and no designers were eliminated!

What do you think of the judges’ decision on Project Runway Season 12 last night? Should Tim Gunn have used his save or was it too early for that?

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