Things got hot and heavy last night on Project Runway 2013 and the designers were put to the task of designing outfits for an award-winning male revue, but who went home on Project Runway Season 11 last night? It was a mess of a challenge and the judges were not happy with the looks, but happy to see the dancers take the clothes off!

Project Runway Season 11 - Cast

What a week for these designers, as Heidi Klum announced the Team Slick and Hip was the losing team and Team Shades of Grey was the winner by default. No one impressed the judges and after their discussion they determined that no one deserved to win the challenge this week!

Then it got to the bottom two designers, which happened to be Amanda and Richard. The judges said they both deserved to go home, so would we have another double elimination???

Turns out that was not the case and Amanda was sent home on Project Runway Season 11 last night and Richard was safe, but barely.

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