It was another unconventional challenge last night on Project Runway Season 11 as the designers were put to the test of making prom dresses with duct tape, but who went home on Project Runway 2013 last night? The designers did a pretty good job working with duct tape, but find out the results below.

Project Runway 11 - Episode 7

Even though Daniel and Richard felt confident with their look, the judges were not too happy with it. Same goes for Kate and Tu, who struggled to get to their finished look, but put together a gown that looked very presentable.

Needless to say, the two teams were on the bottom and it was a battle between the two of them. Richard and Daniel were told they were safe, so down to Kate and Tu. The judges thought Tu was lost in the crowd, so he was sent home on Project Runway 2013 last night. The judges didn’t stop there because they thought Kate did the most work on the dress and she was eliminated on Project Runway Season 11 as well!

A double elimination, so what do you think about that?

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