We kicked things off on the MasterChef Junior Season 3 premiere last night on FOX and it was time for a new season and 19 new kids making their way into the kitchen to cook to be the winner of MasterChef Junior 2015, so who went home on MasterChef Junior 2015 last night? Find out those premiere results on MasterChef Junior Season 3 last night below in our MasterChef Junior 2015 spoilers!

MasterChef Junior 2015 Spoilers - Season 3 Premiere Preview 5

Last night on MasterChef Junior Season 3, we kicked things off like we normally do every season: seeing the adorable kids come into the kitchen and then giving them a Mystery Box Challenge to take part in! For this challenge, they had to create a restaurant-quality dish using the ingredients given to them, which included salmon, ginger and so on. Some decided to use the salmon and others decided to go for a dessert, but in the end it was Jenna, Jack and Kayla with the best three dishes and the judges could not pick a winner from them, so they all won and got immunity for the night!

They also got to pick the pasta dish the other junior home cooks would be making last night. They decided to go with pappardelle, which I have never even heard of! We saw some of them struggle, but then others shined with this pasta dish and the judges were impressed.

In the end, the judges decided to send home five contestants and it looked like the MasterChef Junior Season 3 premiere got off to a bang. Check out the eliminated junior home cooks here:

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What do you think of the results on MasterChef Junior Season 3 last night?

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