We had the first real challenges on MasterChef Season 6 last night, as the home cooks on MasterChef 2015 took part in their first Mystery Box Challenge and Elimination Test, but who went home on MasterChef 2015 Season 6 last night? Find out the Week 2 results on MasterChef last night below in our MasterChef 2015 Season 6 spoilers!

MasterChef 2015 Spoilers - Week 2 Challenges Sneak Peek

Last night on MasterChef Season 6, the Top 22 home cooks made their way into the kitchen and it was time for the fun to begin. For the Mystery Box Challenge, all of the contestants found some familiar ingredients underneath the box cover. They were ingredients picked from their home after their left for the show. That meant they were working with very familiar ingredients, but it was Dan that took home the victory.

He got an advantage in the Elimination Test, as he did not have to cook and he got to pick which other 12 home cooks wouldn’t have to cook either! From there, the other nine home cooks had to bake an apple pie and with Christina Tosi as a judge, there was a lot of pressure to impress, especially with two home cooks heading home!

We did see some good pies and we saw some scary pies, as Olivia thought it would be a good idea to add goat cheese to her apple pie and none of the judges were impressed. She was close to going home, but Mateo and Brianna had pies that were worse and they were both sent home last night!

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