It was all about giving some live demos last night on Next Food Network Star 2014, as the contestants headed to Knott’s Berry Farm to cook meals for the 4th of July, but who went home on Food Network Star 2014 last night? Find out those Week 5 results on Food Network Star Season 10 last night below in our Food Network Star 2014 spoilers!

Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Season 10 Cast

Last night on Next Food Network Star Season 10, the chefs met the judges out at Knott’s Berry Farm and would be put to the test on this challenge. They would each draw a pairing of food that would be made for those July 4th cookouts! From there, the contestants had 60 minutes to cook their dishes and get ready to present them in a live demo to visitors at Knott’s Berry Farm!

All the contestants had things they wanted to work on for the live demo and a lot of them did work it out, like Chris and finally getting his timing down and being entertaining during his demo. Lenny forgot to save some of the fish to use during his demo, so he made guacamole during the demo and still ended up on top! I mean, he diced an avocado and still beat other contestants! Do we have the winner of Food Network Star 2014 there?

We saw Christopher (he made an excellent dish, but he showed how to plate the dish during the demo and didn’t show how to cook anything) and Reuben (he was bette with his speed in talking, but he went too slow and apologized for speaking Spanish and rambled about getting the plastic gloves at a hospital and never finished his dish). The judges felt that since Christopher didn’t even show a demo during his demo that he deserved to be eliminated despite the good food he served. Reuben is safe for another week and Christopher heads to Star Salvation!

Christopher Lynch

What do you think of the results on Food Network Star Season 10 last night?

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