The competition really got started last night on Food Network Star Season 10, as the contestants faced their first Mentor Challenge and Star Challenge on Next Food Network Star 2014 and the pressure was on, but who went home on Food Network Star 2014 last night? Find out the results on Food Network Star Season 10 last night below in our Food Network Star 2014 spoilers!

Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Season 10 Cast

Last night on Next Food Network Star Season 10, the contestants started the night with having to teach Alton Brown how to make green bean casserole and chicken fried steak. They each would have parts of the recipe to teach him and they all handled it well, except Kenny (made the gravy lumpy) and Emma (had dead-air). It was a learning experience and they all seemed to handle it decent.

Then for the Star Challenge, they would be given everyday household ingredients and had 15 minutes to create a dish for viewers to make on their own. They would be in front of the camera and the judges would watch from another room. There was a surprise twist, as the viewer cooking along with them was Chef Alex GuarnaschelliShe would cook the dishes based on their instructions and see how it would turn out.

While we had some boring moments and some bright moments, the bottom three ended up being Luca, Kenny and Chris. Kenny and Chris were focused on entertaining and did not even get plate on their food in the 15 minutes. Luca did well and got the dish done, but he never looked at the camera! There was no connection and despite having a pretty face, the judges sent him home!

Luca Della Casa

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