It was one of the biggest weeks on Next Food Network Star 2014, as the final four contestants created promo videos for their possible show on Food Network if they were the winner of Food Network Star Season 10, but who went home on Food Network Star 2014 last night? One person fell a little short from shooting a pilot of their TV show and find out below in our Food Network Star 2014 spoilers!

Food Network Star 2014 Spoilers - Week 7

Last night on Next Food Network Star 2014, the contestants all had the chance to shoot a 30-second promo video for their possible new show. It is funny, but they all struggled with this video and it was rough to see at times. The only one with all-positive feedback was Luca, who was eliminated early in the season for his lack of camera skills. I guess his time in Star Salvation got him more focused, huh?

After all the promo videos were viewed, the judges discussed each one of them and it was going to be a close call, but the judges sent home Sarah Penrod and that left Lenny, Nicole and Luca in the Food Network Star 2014 finale!

Sarah Penrod

Sarah Penrod

The show continued on and we saw the final three shoot their pilots with director Robert Irvine and then we had a chance to watch them and voting was opened! America picks the winner of Food Network Star 2014 and the winner will be announced next Sunday, so make sure to cast your vote here!

What do you think of the results on Food Network Star Season 10 last night?

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